Watch me on a way to forest,
last place of bravery & honesty
in growth of trees & nature stuff
that is never old enough.
So alone & so the one
discovering shadows & sparkling sun.

Direly missimg ways
like slave heading where bird sings,
approaching to the magic place,
the place of the anthills,
silent life is pulling my sleeve
I’m too close to leave
too close to leave…

Staring at that tiny nation
working hard & with patience
working for the queen
you can never see
with honesty & brave
but the slaves…

Since the morning till sunset
in a hurry in a sweat
for more pins, for bigger hill.
That’s the only real…

I’m pushing my nose so close
& ants don’t like me
fortunatelly they’re so tiny…

I laugh at their wars
for the leaf for dead beetle
for the bites for the reason
for dead brother for the fame
but all the same all the same…

Hope mankind is not fascinated with this mass
I must check out whether I have the ANTennas…

autor: Beddy