Big Brother

Whatever you are
Wherever you go
Whoever you meet
Whatever you know
However you eat
Whoever you sleep with
I’m still watching you.
You should rather
I’m your big brother
Whatever I do
Wherever I fight
Whoever I calm
Whatever it costs
However I reach
Whoever I leach
I’m doing it for you.
For your freedom.
For your security.
No matter what I do
No matter where I work
No matter who I talk
No matter what – all’s for you
No matter how stupid I seem
No matter who is in my team
I will protect you.
No matter what you think
my little boy.
Listen! the silence – no sound!
Strange a lot!
Enemies are all around!
I’m not paranoid!
I’m not despotic!
Be obliged to me!
Don’t speak you fool!
Obey me or you’re my enemy too!?

autor: Beddy