C'est la vie

I met a girl – she seemed like summer sun.
She was so pretty & fond of fun
& she was prettier when she smiled
There was the only thing I tried.
you’d know what I mean if you saw her.
Noone was happier in that dell.
Into my sick heart broke ray of light.

The days went on & I loved her too much
I was mad about her & needed her touch
I was so happy sunbathing on meadow
from morning till the first evening shadow
still snuggling up each to other
& doing things better rather
only be without her kicked me down.

But once she met a boy – he was better than me
everything was blue what i feel
I was so sad & bad I seemed
I lost my eternal gleam.
But new girl started to look after my soul
she mended all holes
I was like in the great dream

She wants me, loves me still to this day
fortunatelly she found no guy
who makes me boy who is the next
I’m for her still the best
I’m for her the rain in desert
of her dreams great result
the best solution of the test.

I don’t belive in love which is eternal
from begining of winter to the end of fall
happen dozens of stories like this.
Something you find, something you miss,
please, don’t be madman cos‘ of it
cos‘ of some stupid life kick or hit,
from the next day you can recive a sweet kiss.

autor: Beddy